Planning Special Needs Fitness

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Susan Gray in NBC interview on Autism Fitness

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How to start an Autistic Fitness Program

What goes into beginning a fitness regimen for autistic people? Learn concrete ideas for starting a fitness plan for your autistic clients.


Making recreational activities purposeful for your child

Sometimes with language and motor planning difficulties, autistic kids shy away from recreational activities, but they're important for their overall wellness


Offering your child a playful sports experience

Sports activities are a major part of school curriculums and autistic kids should be a part of that. Discover how to break down simple activities so your child will excel.


Learn my all time favorite exercise for every autistic child

One exercise can provide many different benefits. Watch this video explaining how to properly instruct your autistic child to perform the exercise, as well as all its variations.


Keeping your child excelling into the future

Learning exercises is only part of the battle, and keeping your child's motivation is the next step. In this post, you'll learn tips on how to keep the momentum going.

Who Suzanne Gray is

Suzanne is the President, Author and Owner of Right Fit Sport Fitness Wellness L.L.C. in Willowbrook, Illinois.

Suzanne started her company 15 years ago and has over 30 years of experience in exercise science, physical education and health with the last ten years devoted to physical fitness and movement for youth and adults with special needs and those with physical and mental challenges.

Who this is for

Athletic Trainers

With the autism population growing, more and more trainers are finding this clientele joining their classes.

Autistic Parents

Parents are overwhelmed with the demands of raising an autistic child, and general fitness can get lost in the shuffle.

School Specialists

Its vital for a healthy school to have special needs children included in the curriculum.


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