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Ankle Stability and Strength

It’s important not to train around a pre-existing conditions for this usually places excessive wear and tear on the body in which you are more susceptible to injury, and creates discomfort around the neck, shoulder, knees, hips, etc.

A pre-existing condition is any condition in the injured part of your body that existed prior to the accident for which you now claim damages. A pre-existing condition may be congenital in origin, caused by another accident or illness, or simply caused by the aging process itself. Our backs, knees, and ankles are prime candidates for pre-existing conditions.

Once the Fitness Specialist identifies inefficiencies exercises will be prescribed to correct it. Then back to “Listen”, “Watch” and “Record”- Right Fit’s APR = Assess Progress Results. A lifetime of sensible goals to keep this incredible machine (the human body) moving, healthy and energized!

Right Fit Training Specialists identify good and poor movement patterns and postures during a workout. This week we will be focusing on preventing ankle injuries.

ANKLES – this joint supports your body weight whether walking, running, jumping or skiing. The foot and ankle are the foundation of movement and often ignored in most training programs. The attached exercise will stabilize the outside of the ankles and benefit knees, hips, core and shoulders.

Whether athlete or individual we’re working harder to become stronger and healthier. As we continue to pursue high-level activities it’s necessary to build a strong foundation. The following exercise will stabilizes the outside of the ankle enhance side shuffle speed improve movement efficiency and performance.

Equipment – Resistance Band

A. Start in seated position, feet 10” apart, knees bent 45 degrees, resistance band around middle of feet. Push both feet outward not moving knees, hold 3 seconds

B. Return both feet inward and hold 3 seconds

C. Repeat 6- 15 Reps

Comments - keep toes pointed to ceiling, only shoes are moving

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