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How are “YOU” shaping a fitness plan that will support your lifestyle?

*Goal planning is best done in writing and following the SMART PLAN. Specific Measurable Achievable Rewarding Timely

Let’s review the first 4 tips of the Right Fit Dozen.

1. Stop telling people you’re so busy instead getting busy at Right Fit! You can register a new right fitter today to join you in a free class.
2. If you make a commitment keep it. If you have had a self-assessment with us already you know exactly what you need to be doing to improve your overall health. If not, please email me directly to set up a self-assessment appointment.
3. Text less, converse more…start conversing with your community of Right Fitters.
4. Sit less, Move more and try the Sit -Stand Challenge – measures musculoskeletal fitness. Right Fit training specialists are here to help if needed.

Challenge Workout Directions
Make this challenge fun by using a point system. Sit on floor ankles crossed arms in front, stand up. At a perfect score of 10 – deduct ½ point each time you lose your balance & 1 point if you use hand or knee for support. (Repeat crossing your left ankle).

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