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Right Fit Provides Teacher In-Service at La Grange Elementary

Suzanne Gray, Eric Stone and Sheena Leedham of Right Fit Sport Fitness Wellness, recently gave a three hour in-service to twelve Physical Education and Health La Grange School Teachers on Proper Environment and Power of Play for Special Populations.

Suzanne covered the basics of Raise the Bar and its implementation in the classroom for children with and without special challenges. She elaborated on the D.I.M.E approach(design, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation) when planning for any new fitness program. Sheena identified sensory processing hurdles many children with special needs face in the physical education school setting. Sheena also provided the teachers an array of strategies and solutions to meet individual and group sensory needs. Eric presented strength and conditioning exercises suitable for children and adults with special challenges and later showcased proper form and technique.

All the teachers were able to experience Right Fit’s Raise the Bar assessment, exercises and activities to supplement existing programs. It was the first time that Right Fit’s Slider was pushed outside of Right Fit on the first- of- its- kind, interlocking turf.

Thank you La Grange School District 102! We enjoyed sharing and learning from all of you!

Be sure to check out the photos and video captured from this special event!

Medicine Ball Squat Throw:

Posture to Improve Push-ups:

Here's the website of the company that creates the inter-locking turf allowing our Slider to be pushed outside of Right Fit!

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