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Right-Fit Specialists are here to HELP!

Any exercise can become “dangerous” if taught or practiced incorrectly. If you train on your own or with a group be sure to have a fitness professional observe you in action. Our Fitness Specialist make corrections, modifications and additions based on your fitness goals.

You’ll stay on track if your exercise routine includes a focus on

1. Full Range of motion
2. Relaxed breathing
3. Proper movement technique

Below are two popular exercises in the Right-Fit program. If these exercises are not preformed properly with good body mechanics then problems or injuries can occur.

Full Squats – stress on patella, tendon, ACL, MCL, low back& shoulders

Straight Leg Lifts – stress on lower back

Right Fit Training Specialists “CAN” make posture and movement adjustments so these exercises don’t add strain to the hip, lower back, etc.

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