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Surprise Testimonial

A testimonial is a statement endorsing character, value, etc.; public acknowledgement to show respect or appreciation. Each day at Right Fit my belief and commitment to physical fitness is renewed as I observe, listen and share with clients and friends personal fitness and wellness experiences. Truly, I can't imagine a better gift than to open an unexpected letter about a team of people who truly "try daily" to make a difference. As a proud parent, coach and member of the Right Fit Team I have the privilege to share with all of you this experience! As a team we "CAN" provide hope, joy, "touch" lives and move mountains! There are NO CANT's at Right Fit.

Nathan has been attending classes at Right Fit for a few years and he has participated in the summer camp and winter break camps too. Our experience at Right Fit has been wonderful and we are thankful for the program and staff members. Not only have the programs and camps allowed Nathan to build his confidence and independence, but he truly feels like he is part of a community which is a huge gift. Despite his disability, he has made progress in the exercise program that supports his physical needs and gives him the sensory input his body needs. And he has built trust, friendships and relationships with the staff members and they treat him like any other participant at Right Fit, or as I like to refer to as a pre-teen. The staff members who have worked with Nathan display a positive attitude, patience, perseverance, acceptance and are always willing to support Nathan on his good and bad days.

Thanks so much for everything and the most important gift you give to families is hope, acceptance and an extension of people who understand autism and support us through our journey!

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