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Warming up before Biking: the Right Stretches to Get Ready for Your Ride

As kids, we all learned to ride a bicycle. While it was a fun and thrilling task to do back then, we weren’t quite aware of what skill we were learning! Now that we are adults, we can see what cycling can do for us.

Biking is a cardiovascular activity that keeps you fit, healthy, and in shape. And the best part is, you don’t require any training facility for this!

Warming Up Before Biking

Most people underestimate the movement and strength of the muscles and body involved in biking. Just like any other heavy physical workout, biking involves a lot of strain on the muscles.

According to the trainer specialists, to avoid straining any of your muscles while biking, you need to do the right stretches for a thorough warm up. Here are two of the warm-up stretches that you can do to assure that your body and muscles are ready for a bike ride:

• Stretch Against A Wall

While you’re doing this warm-up exercise, you will challenge the muscles of your shoulders, chest, triceps, and calves. This will make them ready for the cycling session.

With your palms pressed against the wall with your hands shoulder-width apart, press your body against the wall. You have to keep your feet joined and your back, straight as you lean forward.

In other words, this stretch can be called as a push up against the wall.

But this right-fitter stretch doesn’t end here. Right after you lean forward against the wall, push your body back to stand straight and then raise your heals to stand on your toes. Repeat several times.

With this stretch, you target the three important muscles of your body – chest, triceps, and the calves that are put to the most strain while cycling. As you lean forward and stand straight, your calf muscles are stretched and contracted at the same time, warming them up in the right way. Thus, your body and muscles get cycling-ready with this warm-up exercise.

• Toe Touch Squats

As per the right-fitter training facility, this stretch is one of the best warm-up exercises for cyclists. All you got to do is stand with your feet hip-width apart, as you do for squats.

Now, stretch your hands up in the air and then bend down to touch your toes. With your hands still touching your toes, get into the squat position and hold on for a few seconds. Then again, as you lift your body up to stand straight, stretch your arms up over your head and then stretch back. Repeat several times.

This exercise helps you target your shoulders, arms, back, and calves, warming your whole body up for the bike ride.

With these two types of stretches, you can make sure that you are all set to enjoy your bike ride without straining your muscles. For more, you can ask a trainer specialist.

So, pull on your socks and stretch a little before you go go!

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