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The Slider: The Universal Sled for The World’s Many Different Populations

This unique piece of equipment is designed with the intent to make specific strength and cardio exercises easier for clients with disabilities to perform. Eventually the ideas and dreams created a real sense of urgency to customize a piece of equipment for just that purpose. This led us to work with an engineer and my brother-in-law, a welder by trade, who put all the pieces together in his backyard garage in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Once completed we officially named this piece of equipment, “The Slider”, so as to recognize its basic functional feature of sliding across the floor. Their couldn’t have been a more perfect location to build this unique piece of iron and steel, then Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; hometown of the Pittsburgh Steelers, and once headquarters of U.S. Steel.

“The Slider” continues to be a topic of proud conversation at Right Fit with our clients and staff. I can’t describe the feeling when I hear our clients Nick and Tommy, who have Autism, recite their exercise routine “Slider ten times Suzanne” and Ed, who has Alzheimer’s, stand taller and with a better sense of balance as he pushes this mighty piece of equipment back and forth along Right Fit’s 40 yards of turf.

Since Lucky (my golden retriever) and I picked up “The Slider” two months ago, it’s even more obvious why parents, spouses, relative and other clients are smiling as they observe it in action. I believe “The Slider” will continue to earn a special reputation and exercise notoriety as it assists individuals with and without disabilities increase their strength and endurance.

Whether it’s a building, automobile, or piece of exercise equipment, lets not take for granted the power, energy and confidence one feels by moving steel. Even “The Sliders” calming blue color offers hope and the potential to help others move and feel better.

Key Advantages

  • 4 Different Movement Patterns
  • Never Needs to be Turned Around
  • Simulates Senior Walkers
  • Easily Comprehensive and Special Needs Compatible
  • Post-Rehab Strength and Resistance Training
  • Strength Training for Youth with Autism
  • Can Simulate Sled Drags and Sled Pulls
  • Perfect for Athletes of all Levels
  • Perfect for “Rope” Training

    To purchase, contact Suzanne Gray at 630-850-4050.

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