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New Book and Poster Release!

Book Title: 101 Games & Activities for Youth with Autism
Poster: 101 Autism Facts

Suzanne Gray, one of America’s respected and leading fitness professionals, has spent more than 30 years developing fitness programs for people with and without special needs. “Play time is the essential tool to assess age appropriate development of motor and fitness skills for youth. That is why I wrote this book.” This book is about raising awareness and bringing about positive change. This book is about fun daily activities that will make a difference in the life of your child and your family.

Share the passion…Reach millions of families…Help every child with autism achieve optimum physical, mental, and social growth through carefully planned and selected activities.

To order 101 Games & Activities for Youth with Autism and 101 Autism Facts, log on to the website of Coaches Choice/Healthy Learning at or

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