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Raise the Bar© Functional Fitness and Wellness Program for Youths and Adults with Autism
Teacher Workshop/Staff Development

OPTION 1: 1-day 6 Hour in-service
Cost (includes up to 5 participants)

- Description of the Raise the Bar© Fitness and Wellness Program
- Explain why Fitness is critical for this population: obstacles and solutions
- Learn to administer Core Strength & Alignment Screen
- Learn to observe and identify functional strengths, weaknesses, sensory impacting performance
- Learn to develop appropriate and fun fitness programs that include exercises, games, sports, etc.
- Practice using “Raise the Bar” visual aids and schedules

OPTION 2: 1-day 3 Hour in-service
Cost– (includes 5 participants)

- Description either Raise the Bar© OR Core Strength and Alignment Screen
- All related documents and materials for presentation chosen

Related Details:

- In –service Raise the Bar© Fitness Workshops can be conducted at the Right Fit facility in Willowbrook, IL, or at your location.
- Cost for In-Service at your location would need to include mileage for Right Fit travels to and from the chosen location.
- Mileage and/or receipts will be presented as proof of travel cost. As of January 1, 2011 the standard IRS mileage rate for business travel is $0.51/mile.

Right Fit – Sport Fitness Wellness
7101 S Adams St Unit #7 Willowbrook, IL
Phone: 630-850-4050 Fax: 630-850-4051

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