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Suzanne Gray has championed innovative physical activity for children with autism for decades. Her methods are unique, effective, and practical.

Ed Thomas, Ed.D.
Associate Professor
Health and Movement Science
Graceland University, IA

In my career as a sportswriter, I encountered many people who were deemed experts in the field of fitness. But I’ve never encountered anyone more knowledgeable than Suzanne Gray. Her advice is sensible, trustworthy, and highly effective.

Linda Kay
Former Chicago Tribune Sportswriter
Chair/Associate Professor
Department of Journalism
Concordia University, IL

Suzanne Gray is committed to effective programming for people with disabilities. Her persistence in creating opportunities provides positive experiences for children who need special services.

Catherine A. Morava, CPRP
Superintendent of Recreation
South East Association for Special Parks and Recreation, IL

Suzanne's input and engagement with our DPT students' neurotherapeutics course is wonderful and helps them become more well rounded PTs. The students enjoy their experiences we thank her for her time and effort.

Robbie O'Shea PT, PhD
Physical Therapy Program
Governors State University, IL

I am writing this letter as a letter of endorsement for Bradley LaRocque, who has been my son’s personal trainer for several months. We first went to Right Fit to seek some guidance for my son Brady, who was diagnosed with special needs when he was 3 years old. The past several years we have been bringing Brady up to speed with his educational needs and have admittedly neglected his athletic progress. This was the purpose in going to Right Fit-- that is, to work with Brady on his coordination and agility.

Brady has worked with Bradley since his inception and we have noticed a tremendous amount of progress. Not only has his skill and coordination improved 10-fold, he is now excited to participate in these exercises and team events. Prior to Right Fit and working with Bradley, he didn’t have the ability and confidence to compete with kids his age. Now we can’t keep him away from playing sports with his peers and he is currently attending several sport-related summer camps. His progress has surpassed our wildest expectations!

We feel Brady would not be where he is today if it were not for Bradley and his tremendous patience and coaching. I have been to most of his workouts with Brady and I am amazed what they can do in a 30 or 60 minute time frame. The best part is seeing Brady come out of the workouts, sweating and tired, but wanting to do more to achieve the goals he and Bradley had set out to achieve.

Brett Blacher
Right Fit Client

We were introduced to Right Fit's summer camp a few years ago. Our son Jack looks forward to attending this camp every year, excitedly counting down the days to when he gets to go. The events the team has planned from helping at a horse farm, to bowling, to swimming keep him entertained as well as teaching him different skill sets he can apply to his everyday life. Our fun has expanded to attending camps during winter and spring breaks. We are so impressed with Right Fit's staff and how they interact with our son and the others that go to this facility. Thank you for all that you do for our son.

Matt & Lisa Biga
Right Fit Clients

I just want to thank you and your staff one more time for the tremendous progress our son David has made since starting at Right Fit. He has worked with Brad and participated in the Raise the Bar summer camp. We have seen incredible gains in his cardiovascular endurance, his self-confidence, his willingness to try new activities and his perseverance. He was not excited about participating in the camp at the beginning of the summer but by the end he was asking if he could attend again next summer. Now he is participating in his middle school PE program which includes fitness machines and a weekly run day with no complaints.

In the spring he was not able to run the 1K course for Run the Ridge but this fall he was able to run almost the entire 1.2 mile course to finish the Fox Valley Kids' Marathon (with my husband running with him and encouraging him). We were all so proud of him.

Also, I don't know if you are familiar with the Sky Trail at Six Flags, but he enjoys doing that now. He fell on one section one afternoon, and he got back up and crossed it again twice. I don't think he ever would have done that in the past.

We are looking forward to continued gains for him. Thank you for your work with David.

Debbie Garcia
Right Fit Client

Nathan has been attending classes at Right Fit for a few years and he has participated in the summer camp and winter break camps too. Our experience at Right Fit has been wonderful and we are thankful for the program and staff members. Not only have the programs and camps allowed Nathan to build his confidence and independence, but he truly feels like he is part of a community which is a huge gift. Despite his disability, he has made progress in the exercise program that supports his physical needs and gives him the sensory input his body needs. And he has built trust, friendships and relationships with the staff members. They treat him like any other participant at Right Fit, or as I like to refer to as a pre-teen. The staff members who have worked with Nathan display a positive attitude, patience, perseverance, acceptance and are always willing to support Nathan on his good and bad days.

Thanks so much for everything and the most important gift you give to families is hope, acceptance and an extension of people who understand autism and support us through our journey!

Cheryl Zens
Right Fit Client

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